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Carita Nero new CEO at Klaravik

22 februari 2024

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After twelve years as founder, owner, and CEO of Klaravik, Christian Lenander is now passing the baton to Chief Commercial Officer Carita Nero. With 30 years of experience in sales and almost eleven years at Klaravik, Nero will take on the CEO role as of March 1.

In just over a decade, Klaravik has gone from two people to over 250 employees in Sweden and Denmark. One person who has been along on almost the whole journey, from startup to market-leading auction company in the machinery industry in the Nordics, is Chief Commercial Officer Carita Nero. She now takes over as CEO to continue managing and developing Klaravik as a company. Carita has more than 30 years of experience as a sales manager in industries ranging from industrial to television, of which the last 14 years have been in the machine auction industry.

“After almost 11 years at Klaravik, it feels great to take over the baton and continue developing the company with our talented and dedicated staff. Klaravik has never been a one-man show, but our strong culture and the cooperation between departments, individuals, and the management team have created our success. I am incredibly humbled and motivated to continue our journey of success together with all employees”, says Carita Nero.

From startup to nearly 4 billion in auction sales
Klaravik has its headquarters in Karlstad, an office for Tech Development in Lund, and, through its 80 auction brokers, a presence throughout Sweden – from Ystad in the south to Haparanda in the north – as well as operations in Denmark. Klaravik has trumped the previous year’s turnover each year, and last year was no exception. In 2023, Klaravik turned over SEK 3.9 billion in net auction sales and ensured that over 100,000 machines, tools, and vehicles changed hands through the digital auction platform.

“We started Klaravik in 2012 in my living room and had to take a loan to be able to invest in an auction system. Carita was one of the very first to start at Klaravik and has, together with me and our other founder, Christian Knutsson, been a critical piece of the puzzle in the success story that Klaravik is. With the appointment of Carita, we now have a business-focused CEO who always focuses on making the customer’s experience of our service the best possible. Carita is an incredibly committed leader who gets employees always to go the extra mile”, says Christian Lenander.

Continued customer focus will take Klaravik into the future
Christian Lenander will continue to play an active role in Klaravik as executive chairman and senior advisor to the management team. His task will also be to continue to help the group company TBAuctions establish the auction broker concept in new European markets in the coming years.

“I have had the most exciting and developing years of my working life through the creation of Klaravik, from idea to the leading auction company we are today. The machine industry is steeped in tradition, and we have always believed in female leadership and gender balance. With this change, we also show that we still dare to challenge the industry. Our vision is to change an industry and be a market leader, and to succeed, we must always be ready to develop and look ahead. With Carita at the helm, we will have the opportunity to do just that”, says Christian Lenander.

“Working for the benefit of every customer has always been my and our focus – and it should remain so. Making it a little better and easier to use Klaravik is my driving force. Such an approach requires committed employees, which I feel we certainly have. I am proud of my Klaravik colleagues and am curious about what we can achieve together. The journey has just begun!” Carita Nero concludes.

“Congratulations to Carita on her appointment to CEO of Klaravik, and thank you to Christian Lenander for his continued passion and dedication to Klaravik and TBAuctions,” says Tom Christenson, the CEO of TBAuctions. “We are so thrilled that we have the right people within our teams to rise to new heights and take on the challenges of leading such a dynamic team,” he adds.

About Klaravik
Klaravik was founded in Karlstad, Sweden, in 2012. Since then, the company has gradually become the largest online auction for used machinery, tools, and vehicles in the Nordic region. In 2023 items were sold with a total value of EUR 342 million, through (Sweden) and (Denmark). Klaravik employs around 250 people, and its websites attract over 30 million visits per year.

For more information about TBAuctions, see:

About TBAuctions
TBAuctions (TBA) is Europe’s leading digital auction platform for B2B used industrial equipment with over 1,000 team members across the Nordics, the Benelux, the UK, and Continental Europe, serving buyers and sellers in 175 countries. We believe that Everything Has Value. With our proprietary intelligent auctioning platform, we make buying and selling more effective and efficient by using technology, AI, automation, and economies of scale. TBA’s digital auctions make this happen by creating a cross-border platform that perfectly matches the demand and supply of used business goods. Together with our brands: Auksjonen, Auktionshuset dab, British Medical Auctions, Klaravik, PS Auction, Troostwijk Auctions, and Vavato, TBA brings sustainable trade to a higher level. Sourcing locally and selling globally, millions of products are auctioned yearly, attracting 137 million website visits annually.

Picture: Carita Nero

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